21 years of Manvia in Casa da Música

By 9 January, 2020 No Comments

Manvia has celebrated its 21st anniversary on the 22nd November, with old and new clients, partners, providers as well as some employees, in an event that has already became part of the company’s culture.

This celebration takes place since 2010 and it is intended to be an informal gathering of sharing and strengthening of professional ties between Manvia and its partners with whom they share relations of trust and confidence.

The program has included the much-anticipated visit to Casa da Música, followed by dinners and culminating in the show “An American in Paris”, brilliantly executed by the Oporto Symphony Orchestra of Casa da Música, under the guidance of maestro Yakuo Yuasa.

Opened in 2005, Casa da Música from the first hour has Manvia as partner for the full services of infrastructure maintenance, which is why this event is already part of the casa’s cultural agenda.