“360@Manvia” promotes sharing of knowledge

“360@Manvia”, visit program to Manvia contracts with the presence of multidisciplinary teams and participation of different functional areas, led by the Administration, with the purpose of promoting the sharing of knowledge in the Organisation has started.

These visits were designed to follow-up teams and contracts in operation context, integrating the clients’ active participation.

The first contract to be visited was the Centro Cultural de Belém (CCB), where Manvia operates since 2015, currently guaranteeing the provision of maintenance services of mechanical and electrical facilities.

Pedro Vieira Neves, director of Manvia, accompanied by company’s representatives from Building, Human Resources and Quality, Environment and Safety areas, highlighted the importance of this kind of initiatives to strengthen the confidence and the links between Manvia and its partners.

“This action was developed, informally, to get to know the “theatre of operations” and better understand what is done in the contracts and how, while at the same time we invite our clients to provide their feedback, in an exchange of experiences which is very important”, highlighted.

To Pedro Vieira Neves the balance was highly positive “since everyone got to know a little better of Manvia works, namely by understanding the requirements and the entire work behind a contract”.

And in this case, being a highly demanding contract, since CCB is one of Lisbon’s most emblematic and visited buildings, Manvia continues committed in developing a good work, which has been acknowledged, not only by the contract’s renovation, but also by the expansion of services and other areas of operation.