Accident analysis at ECOTEJO

At ECOTEJO began a cycle of training actions focusing on accidents with various sessions with the goal of presenting the statistics of accidents in the company, advise on the communication of unsafe acts and dangerous conditions, as well as promote the critical spirit and awareness for this subject.

ECOTEJO is a Complementary Group of Companies established in the year 2018 of which Manvia is part, providing maintenance services in the multimunicipal sanitation system of Águas do Tejo Atlântico – Zona Sul, in the areas of Lisbon, Loures, Alverca and Vila Franca de Xira, Cascais and Mafra, having a team of 35 people.

In these training actions the main results of 2019 were released: 14 incidents, 8 work accidents without sick leave, 3 work accidents with sick leave and three almost-accidents. Among the work accidents, it is important to refer that three were uncharacterized by the Insurance.

In each session it is also reminded what are the work accident report procedures, main stakeholders and communication circuits. And in the end a small exercise of work accident analysis is made with the participation of the team.

With COVID-19 on the agenda, it was carried out a second session of clarification, where the rules and procedures were discussed, and this information was disclosed to the entire team via e-mail. Flyers were also made to hand out according with the client indications and the safety measures were strengthened.