Manvia integrates solutions in environmental operation and maintenance, establishing an operative organization comprised by technical staff specialized
in the environment area.

Manvia service is customized, adapted and close to customers, having as main performance vectors, the systematization and organization, the total control of processes and costs, ensuring accuracy and safety when operating the Customers’ facilities.

For this purpose, it relies on technologies which ensure the provision of services with efficiency and cost optimization while complying with the legal requirements, such as:

  • Exploration, operation and maintenance of Water Treatment Plants (WTP), Waste Water Treatment Plants (WWTP) and Pumping Stations (PS);
  • Exploration, operation and maintenance of infrastructures designed for water transport and distribution with irrigation and consumption purposes;
  • Exploration, operation and maintenance of mine waste water treatment plants (MWWTP);
  • Specialized technical assistance in the areas of electrical maintenance, automation, instrumentation and mechanics;
  • Drainage systems and waste water treatment consulting;
  • Exploration, operation and maintenance plans for environmental and manual systems aiming the operation of facilities;
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