Manvia has an experience of approximately 20 years in the area of provision of integrated maintenance services, being one of the area’s main national players. Its portfolio includes national and international reference customers, from shopping centers, schools, concert halls, hotels, banks, transport infrastructure, service buildings among others.

Manvia has a technical team rather diversified and young, factor that enables a constant evolution. On the other hand, it has a very solid engineering component.

The Building area exists since Manvia started operations, always being an important and fundamental part for the company’s development.

Makes available a diversity of specialized services, dedicated and true to the commitments established with customers, including:

  • Facility Management, integrating the Hard Services and Soft Services areas:
  • Hard Services – Maintenance management and execution of facilities and electricity equipment, HVAC, water and sewage, construction elements among others;
  • Soft Services – External contracts management (surveillance, cleaning, green spaces, safety, vending, pest control among others);
  • Design, implementation and audit of programmed maintenance plans;
  • Service of Installation and maintenance technician (TIM);
  • Service of technician in charge for the electrical facilities exploration (TREIE);
  • Service of technician in charge for fire safety in buildings (TRSCIE).
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