Meeting its customers’ needs, Manvia suggests an integrated approach in the energy field, create economic, social and environmental value on behalf of its businesses’ energy and engineering.

The purpose of this area is to create partnerships with its customers in the design, development, implementation, management, operation and maintenance of optimization and valorization solutions of the main vectors of Energy, Engineering and Environment: Energy production, consulting and energy regulation, audits to indoor air quality and conditioned maintenance.

The energy consulting service supports its customers in the maximization processes of energy optimization and operative performance, through a qualified and certified technical management which will reflect in the profitability of its business. Moreover, the energy regulation area includes all the legal obligations of building owners, as well as industrial facilities.

Manvia integrates a team of professionals certified and able to work in different areas, such as:

  • Thermography – non-intrusive diagnosis that enables to assess the working conditions of electrical components, through infrared radiation readings, resorting to thermal images that enable to identify differences in temperature;
  • Vibration analysis – diagnosis of defects in mechanical components that enables to identify excessive vibrations, unbalances, misalignments, loose components or defects in bearings and gears;
  • Ultrasound analysis – diagnosis of defects or surges in electrical components, by detecting the ultrasound noise level;
  • Energy Quality Analysis – diagnosis that enables to evaluate the condition of a power grid, by identifying voltage waves, current and powers, unbalances between phases, quantification of harmonic distortion and long and short duration voltage fluctuations;
  • Maintenance of transformation substations and oil analysis – cleaning and verification of the electrical components’ conservation conditions, earth measurement and evaluation, when applicable, of the purity and chemical makeup of the transformers’ oils;
  • TEGG Service – world reference service in the preventive maintenance of electrical facilities, carried out in full diagnosis of the facility through thermographic analysis, ultrasounds and/or energy quality, complementing with cleaning and verifications at the facilities;

Since 2008, manvia develops in portugal, the most advanced preventive maintenance service of electrical facilities, through the partnership with tegg corporation.

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