The Industries’ increasing demand for specialized and professional maintenance services, resulting of the effort to reduce operative costs and more competition, led Manvia to offer a set of services oriented specifically to this sector, being a partner that offers a custom-designed ad custom-made service to this area’s specific needs.

Manvia’s goal is to assert itself as a player of major industrial maintenance projects and gain the trust of Customers in a traditionally protective market.

Through the business of grinding media maintenance, Manvia operates across Europe: Portugal, Spain, France, German, United Kingdom, Belgium, Norway, Luxemburg, Estonia, Latvia, Sweden, Republic of Ireland and Poland and is also attentive to new markets, in particular those from the Middle East.

The industrial maintenance activities are distributed by cement kilns, steel mills, agri-food, oil, waste management areas and include:

  • Maintenance global management;
  • Maintenance of electromechanical equipment (HVAC, electrical facilities, pumping systems, fire systems, energy production units);
  • Contracts for industrial lubrication (application, control and products supply);
  • Management, operation and maintenance of cogeneration plants;
  • Classification and loading of grinding media;
  • Cement plants clearance, cardox system;
  • Asian representative of products for the cement industry, grinding media and high–quality refractories.
Management and operation of cogeneration plants

Manvia has developed features and competencies in the operation and management of cogeneration plants.

Being provider of an integrated service, through the study, design, provision and exploration of power production plants, Manvia joined prestigious providers and partners, being prepared to meet the customers’ needs with “turnkey” projects.

With an accumulated experience of over ten years, performs the maintenance, operation and exploration of natural gas and biogas cogeneration plants.
This service includes engine maintenance, ancillary services equipment, cells and transformer.

General maintenance services

The increasing search for specialized and professional maintenance services by industries, as result of a constant search for decreasing operative costs and more competitiveness, led Manvia to offer a set of services specially focused on this sector.

Manvia developed skills to offer various solutions:

  • Global maintenance management to various types of Industry;
  • Full maintenance of petrol stations from the north to the south of the country;
  • Equipment maintenance of waste industries and industrial gases.

Maintenance diverter services that include:

  • Emergency generator sets;
  • Wall-hung and industrial boilers;
  • Transformer substations;
  • Fire pumping groups;
  • Solar thermal panels;
  • Electrical engines and electrical pumps;
  • Electrical equipment and systems;
  • Hydraulic equipment.

Manvia has a Metalworking workshop in Alverca, with an area of 400 m2, where various types of metal structures are manufactured.

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