Business Transformation Summit has discussed the importance of speeding up in a digital world

By 8 January, 2020 No Comments

Disruption, communication and will to risk are some of the weapons to lead and innovate in the era of speed and the Organizations don’t want to miss the train.

Sharing this vision, Manvia wanted to be present in one of the largest events on innovation and business future, the Business Transformation Summit, that received in its 4th edition, over 600 people in the Lx Factory warehouses, in Lisbon.

Manvia took the opportunity to invite some of its clients, namely NCIA, SIBS, Ascendi and Agere, to attend this disruptive event inspired in the subject “Acceleration”, i.e., in the way our world is changing faster than ever, and the way business models are increasingly more digital.

A subject that challenges “both start-ups as companies established in the last century, since today all organizations are in the same cross road of acceleration and digital disruption on a global scale, a reality that makes us embrace a paradigm ruled by the rise of new technologies, the repositioning of the human being’s role , the reinvention of leadership models and its own way of managing people and businesses.”

Considering this reality, themes like the best approach to be competitive in this era of speed; the method to boost innovative ideas and develop a creative work environment; reach goals that today seem unattainable or the subject of “Supermen”, that are the combination of human beings with technologies, named as transhumanist, were discussed.

A final note for the enthusiasm shown by Manvia clients for the fact of having the opportunity of sharing this experience in an event filled with news and excitement for the future.