Cleaning the Lake Water Mirror

Within the scope of the various cleaning and maintenance contracts that Manvia has with the Lisbon City Council of several water elements distributed throughout the city, the Environment area carried out a deep cleaning, as well as the filling of the Espelho de Água lake that is inserted at Jardim Amália Rodrigues at Parque Eduardo VII.

Circulation in the space surrounding the lake was conditioned for a few days in order to restrict public access to work areas.

After the water removal pressure cleaning was carried out and all the material accumulated at the bottom of the lake was removed.

Then the main and intermediate reservoir were cleaned and disinfected, and the water was disinfected right before filling.

The 8 projectors that are in the center of the lake and that are not accessible under normal operating conditions since they are submerged, were also replaced.
Finally, the filling of the water element started from the main tank, which was also cleaned in this intervention.

Another challenge for Manvia that has been successfully completed and that reflects a relationship of partnership and trust between Manvia and the Lisbon City Council.