Contract managers in open day

By 19 September, 2019 No Comments

Manvia has gathered at the AERLIS facilities in Oeiras, all its Contract Managers in the CM Open day with the purpose of approaching and discussing a set of subjects related with these professionals’ activities, focusing on Manvia’s history, Emotional Intelligence, and Manvia’s Leadership and Values.

The event’s main motivation was “sharing of personal and professional knowledge”, referred the CEO Pedro Vieira Neves, who opened the session with a motivating message, highlighting that these opportunities can also develop a “better knowledge of Manvia and its organization”.

The grounds for this Contract Manager Open day was to promote the proximity, knowledge and exchange of experiences between CM and the creation of Manvia shared knowledge, its activities and values. On the other hand, the goal was the cross sectional and shared development of a leadership model. Finally, to raise awareness for the importance of emotional intelligence and humanized management.

Resorting to new technologies, during the morning hours, Manvia’s Contract Managers played and developed in group dynamics their knowledge on Manvia’s history and Values, ambition, resilience, considered the cornerstones of the company’s organizational DNA: team spirit/cohesion, ambition, resilience, rigor and innovation. By the end of the morning, a joint plan was laid out for the development and strengthening of each one of these cornerstones.

The afternoon was dedicated to leadership, identifying the features of Manvia leader and strengthening the idea of the importance of a key feature for the organization’s success.

Towards the end, a lecture on emotional intelligence was carried out by Susana Matias, certified in Coaching and PNL, founder of the “Winneryou” project. What is emotional intelligence? What’s its importance in managing emotions in complying goals and accountability of the manner of communication? And what are the different types of languages in the PNL theory (neurolinguistic programming) were the motto for an introspective and motivator moment.

The types of language (Visual, hearing and kinesthetic) in the PNL theory show that each person has a sensitive channel and its importance in the awareness of the mental map of each one, in order to understand the world and in the relationship with the people.

According with Pedro Vieira Neves the goals were “clearly reached”, offering “a wake-up call for the importance of the CMs assert themselves as leaders”. In full accordance with this opinionwe leave you with some words left by our CMs following the event and which are very representative of the sentiment by the end of the day: “Learning, surprising, rewarding, out of the box, interactive, gratitude, ambition, interaction, sharing, team spirit, diversity.”