Customer Experience: Turn clients into fans

By 21 October, 2019 No Comments

How to turn our clients into fans?
With this premise, as well as promoting with decision makers and employees of the organization, a clear view on the Customer Experience concept, Manvia’s Innovation Department in partnership with IDC, leading company in the Digital Transformation area, has promoted the “Customer’s Client”.

To develop a strategy to reinvent the customer’s experience and increase Manvia’s performance, the challenge of this program was to know the sentiments experienced by the customer throughout its relationship with Manvia, from the first contact with the commercial area, going through the various players from production to the financial area.

During the two-days training, groups were created, organized by Manvia’s various business areas and support areas, segmented by: Commercial, Clients Buildings, Clients Industry, Services Multiclient and Support Structures, whose task as to better understand the customers.

The concept is based on H2H contact (Human to Human), going beyond B2B (Business to Business), customizing the stakeholders and placing them at the same level of equality, with pressures, frustrations, with personal and family life, just like any human being.

From this perspective, subjects such as Customer Experience Management foundations, the current omnichannel context; new behaviours and requirements of clients and consumers; convert clients into fans; design of Customers’ Emotional Journeys; Physical Needs and Emotional Needs; or new challenges of leadership and team management have been approached.

For Manvia, some of these tools will be very useful, since they allow to anticipate the customer’s needs, as well as their emotional states, enabling to identify improvement opportunities with direct impact on the customer’s experience and benefits for relations between both organizations.