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Manvia will guarantee the execution of preventive and corrective maintenance services, as well as inspections of all HVAC equipment and facilities at the Trajouce Ecoparques and Abrunheira, belonging to TRATOLIXO, certified intermunicipal company, held in 100% by AMTRES – Associação de Municípios de Cascais, Mafra, Oeiras and Sintra for the Treatment of Municipal Waste.

TRATOLIXO is responsible for the public service of municipal waste treatment produced by over 800 thousand inhabitants from the municipalities belonging to this Municipal Waste Management System.

Manvia’s service provision will be carried out with all safety conditions with the purpose of guaranteeing the continuous operation of HVAC facilities of administrative, social and Services building (shower rooms, repair shop, laboratory and warehouse), sorting plant, new sorting plant of paper and cardboard and Ecoparques entries.