Innovation highlighted in Staff Meeting

By 13 December, 2018 No Comments

Under the theme “Design Thinking and the art of innovation”, Manvia has gathered approximately 80 employees in its Staff meeting, in an environment that couldn’t be more inspiring, centro de engenharia e desenvolvimento de produto – CEiiA.

Based in Matosinhos, CEiiA designs, implement and operates state-of-the-art products and systems for mobility, automotive, sea and aerospace industries. It is an international reference, that since its creation, gathers around it universities and innovation center with a close involvement of Public Entities.

Drive innovation in maintenance through Design Thinking was the focus of the initiative that made everyone think differently, searching for new opportunities and creating innovative solutions with impact.

In the opening session, Pedro Vieira Neves hosted the participants, highlighting the 20 years of a success and Excellency track record focused on the Clients and on its needs, but mentioning simultaneously that in order to do the upgrade in terms of quality, “it is necessary to search for new ways of communication with the client and find new tools that allow to manage the contracts in the best way, adding value.”

“Today begins a new cycle for Manvia, and it is no coincidence our presence here, in CEiiA, because the future is here, and therefore we’ll take advantage of the opportunity to benefit from the experience lived on a daily basis and also find solutions and new ideas that project us towards a new era”, the director highlighted.

To Ismael Gaspar, choosing CEiiA for this event was an interesting combination, “since a company like Manvia must be very attentive to the future market trends in the Facility management area”.

“The technological change is being so fast that we need to be prepared and attentive to what is going on. Everyday new solutions and concepts are surfacing and we should bear in mind that the industry digitalization and artificial intelligence will change the way we work”, highlighted Ismael Gaspar.

After a visit to the building, the “Innovation Lab” took place, a Design Thinking process oriented by the university professor, Guilherme Vitorino, attended by Manvia’s staff and CEiiA’s engineers and designers.

Creative and innovative methodology, Design Thinking, puts people at the center of solutions as a cooperative way of thinking and solving problems.

“The Design Thinking is a very strong tool and in Manvia’s perspective, I believe we should increase our effort and investment regarding the new work methodologies with the client in order to provide a differentiated service”, highlighted Pedro Vieira Neves.

Sharing this view, Ismael Gaspar enhances the need to be attentive to the technological evolution, “in order to integrate it the company’s everyday activity, making it more resilient in the perspective of future development”.

By the end of the day, the participants went to Casa da Música to enjoy a class of jazz, based on innovation and improvisation, given by the famous saxophonist Carlos Martins.