Manvia started operations in 1998 aiming at developing the maintenance business in Portugal. In the year 2000, the company joined the Mota-Engil Group, enabling a new position within the maintenance market. During the year 2005, Manvia becomes a Public Limited Liability Company focused on providing maintenance services in buildings, environment, industry and energy.

Currently, the company has a team of over 600 experts in several areas of the maintenance business. Throughout the years, Manvia has built a solid reputation in Portugal and abroad, as maintenance and technical services company. It stands out for its competency and great problem-solving skills.

Manvia is a certified, dynamic and innovative company, which has been gaining its space and reputation within the maintenance market.



The Organization‘s results are visible through the strengthening of the markets where it operates and the growing loyalty of clients, concerned in maintaining credible and responsible partnerships.

Manvia has a dedicated, experienced and skilled team to pro-actively provide solutions to the clients’ different needs. It has modern operative resources, updated computer technology and partnerships with suppliers based on the reliability of the joint work to achieve the best services, with quality and competitive prices.

Manvia operates as an outsourcing partner associated to the client’s asset, adding synergies of the resources used, leading to specialization, professionalism and economy.

Manvia - Manutenção e exploração de instalações e construção


Create value in service provision within the scope of maintenance in order to free clients to their core business.


Manvia seeks to serve as a benchmark within the markets it operates.

Know the client

Anticipate needs
Contributing towards implementing its mission
Establish a relation of mutual trust and partnership

Corporate Bodies

Board of Directors

Nome: Ismael Gaspar
Cargo: Chairman

Nome: Pedro Vieira Neves
Cargo: CEO

Nome: Jorge Moia
Cargo: Director

Organization Chart

Quality, Environment and Safety

Integrated Management System

MANVIA’s Integrated Management System –IMS was defined based on Reference Standards NP EN ISO 9001, NP EN ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 and is certified in these three standards within the scope of provision of Building Management and Maintenance Services, Water Supply Systems and Drainage/Waste Water Treatment. Piping rehabilitation. Energy Efficiency study and Buildings’ Energy Certification; Classification and loading of grinding media; Operation and Maintenance of Energy Production Units; General Services and Industrial Maintenance, including Lubrication.

Additionally, MANVIA has been implementing a maintenance management system, according with Reference Standard NP 4492 – Requirements to Provide Maintenance Services, whose scope is restricted to Provision of Building Maintenance Services, Water Supply and Waste Water Treatment Systems, Energy Production Units and General Services of Industrial Maintenance, including Lubrication.

MANVIA’s IMS covers the practices used by the Organization to ensure the levels required of provided services, and was designed based on a Management by Processes model.

Directory of Certified Clients

SGS ISO 9001
SGS ISO 14001
SGS NP 4492