Maintenance at Smile.up – Dental Clinics

By 24 September, 2021 No Comments

Manvia will provide Integrated Management Services, Preventive and Corrective Maintenance and 24h/7 Technical Assistance at Smile.up Clinics in Mainland Portugal.

Services include the maintenance of specialised equipment: Electrical, HVAC, Water and Sewage Installations as well as Carpentry.

Manvia has, through its experience and work developed in the operation and maintenance of facilities and installation, relevant expertise in maintenance activities. Procedures are aimed at responding to our customer needs and expectations where maintenance is carried out.

Being the largest chain of dental clinics in the country, Smile.up has 52 clinics. Its main objective is to raise awareness among the Portuguese population of the need to maintain good oral health, by democratising and promoting the practice of healthy habits.