Maintenance of HVAC and switchboards in the ALDI stores

By 13 December, 2018 No Comments

Manvia is the company responsible for the provision of preventive and corrective maintenance services and HVAC audit in 19 ALDI stores in the Great Lisbon area.

With quarterly frequency, Manvia will guarantee the works to execute in the equipment, including cleaning of air filters and checking its conditions; reading Freon pressure; checking the operation conditions of the unit, of control, temperatures and lack of gaps in the mechanical elements; evidence of non-existence of abnormal noises and vibrations and operation of blower fans; measurement of ventilator and compressor consumptions; checking of switching valve operation; cleaning of coils; checking of condensates drainage system and cleaning and retightening all electrical contacts.

In Portugal since 2006 and with over 60 stores, Aldi is one of Europe’s major retail companies.

Besides HVAC maintenance, Manvia will guarantee on an annual basis the preventive and corrective maintenance of switchboards in 13 stores.

To check the equipment operation; measurement of Service Earthing and Protection Earthing; checking hotspots in the installation resorting to thermal imager; retightening and cleaning of switchboards, verify non-existence of noises and vibrations; operation and reaction tests of cutting equipment; verification, measurement and testing of UPS and capacitor banks are part of the services Manvia will provide.