Manvia and Vibeiras together in the requalification of CMOeiras facilities

By 21 April, 2020 No Comments

Oeiras City hall has awarded to Manvia the requalification of the cleaning section facilities of Porto Salvo.

This is a pubic work contract which was tendered and guaranteed by Manvia together with Vibeiras in the field of rehabilitation in the Building area.

The works will begin with demolitions and Manvia becomes responsible for in-house masonry, wall coating, ceiling and pavements, carpentry and furniture, metal working, hydraulics and electric facilities.

The works to be executed by Vibeiras imply the reformulation of the existing landscaping around the main building by modelling ground levels and architectonic aspects. To reach its goals, Manvia intends to use the most up to date techniques and work methods, capitalizing its experience, technical skills, human resources and equipment.