Manvia associated to “Comunidade Vida e Paz”

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During the Christmas Season, and within its policy of Social Responsibility, Manvia joined “Comunidade Vida e Paz”, contributing on one hand, with goods (blankets and male underwear), but also with the services provision carried out during the preparation of the 30th edition of the Christmas Party held at the canteen of the University of Lisbon.

This Social Solidarity Private Institution was born in 1989, meeting and welcoming homeless people or socially vulnerable, helping them to recover their dignity and rebuilding their life project through an integrated action of prevention, rehabilitation and reintegration.

The 30th edition of the Christmas Party had 1500 people and had the support of a Manvia’s technical team, comprised by four elements, that executed various works in the University Stadium shower rooms near the Santa Maria Hospital with the purpose of turning the space into a makeshift barbershop to support the homeless people.

Therefore, projectors were installed to reinforce the existing lighting, powering new work stations with electrical extension cords and the space’s electrical facility was improved with technical rails in order to hide the cables.

New water points were installed, resorting to the makeshift installation of shower rooms to support the hairdresser chairs.

Once again Manvia’s solidarity spirit became clear, intending to continue promoting social actions with the mission of helping those that need the most.

Wanting to make a difference in the community and leave a legacy, Manvia encourages the employees’ involvement in the solidarity actions that this organization develops during the year.

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