Manvia at Instituto Superior Técnico

Manvia secured a service provision contract of Exploration of Electrical Installations Technician of more than 30 transformers from different TSs spread over the three campuses of the Instituto Superior Técnico (IST): Alameda, Tagus Park and Loures.

With a community of more than 12,000 people, the Instituto Superior Técnico is part of the University of Lisbon and is the largest School of Architecture, Engineering, Science and Technology in Portugal.

Manvia’s Exploration of Electrical Installations Technician (TREIE) is responsible for reviewing the condition and correct functioning of the electrical installations, conducting visits to its installations and monitoring and supervising routine or occasional maintenance operations.

The Transformation Stations and the electrical panels must be subject to preventive maintenance with the frequency required by the operating characteristics, with a minimum period of one year, according to the legal provisions. These good practices guarantee the best conditions for operating the facilities and the safety of its users.