Manvia consolidates Partnership with Ascendi

By 31 January, 2020 No Comments

Manvia has renewed for a new three-year period, the contract it has with Ascendi since 2006, continuing in charge for the management and execution of maintenance and conservation of electrical facilities and air conditioning equipment in buildings and junctions of various concessions and subconcessions.

The service provision will take place at the Concession Norte – A7/A11, Grande Porto – A41/A42/VRI/A4 and head office building in Perafita; Costa da Prata – A17/A25/A29/A44; Beiras Litoral e Alta – A25 and Grande Lisboa – A16, Subconcession Douro Interior-IP2 and IC5, Subconcession Pinhal Interior-A13 e A13-1, as well as respective connections.

In this contract Manvia is responsible for the maintenance “from the energy delivery point by the distributor to the light-bulb with the technical responsibility for air-conditioning and electrical equipment”.

Manvia’s constant challenge is to provide excellence in service provision, with optimized costs for the client, fact well evident in this union, that lasts for 13 years already, and that shows the confidence that Ascendi places in its partner for the maintenance services of its facilities.