Manvia executes Management and Maintenance of REN buildings

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Manvia will guarantee management and maintenance of the group of companies comprised by REN – Rede Elétrica Nacional, S.A., REN Gasodutos, S.A. and REN Portgás Distribuição, S.A. having the purpose to provide the maximum comfort, with optimized costs.

REN, with head-office in Lisbon, manages the main electricity and natural gas transportation infrastructures with teams in the whole Portuguese continental territory, distributed by the various areas where it operates.

Manvia’s Services provision will take place in 12 REN buildings, distributed by head-office, Sacavém, Ermesinde, Vermoim, Bucelas, Pombal e Sandim, Riba de Ave and Linhas de Torres complex.

The activities include handling and exploration of infrastructures and buildings; preventive maintenance; maintenance management, corrective management or emergency interventions;
Undifferentiated works; intervention, information and management reports; works programing and preparation; technical support and cleaning of technical spaces and specialized interventions.

This is another relevant contract, for a reference client that acknowledges in Manvia a partner that makes available a diversity of specialized services dedicated and loyal to commitments, guaranteeing excellence.