Manvia guarantees full maintenance of motor-generator in EGF

Manvia has established a three-year agreement for full, preventive and corrective maintenance of a group of 38 motor-generators from eight companies of the EGF Group around Portugal:
Algar (6), Amarsul (7), Valnor (3), Resiestrela (2), ERSUC (11), Resinorte (6), Resulima (2) and Valorminho (1) totaling 29 MW.

Integrated in the Mota-Engil Group, EGF is a reference in the environmental sector and leader in waste treatment and recovery in Portugal.

The motor-generators’ maintenance in EGF’s main companies began in early 2017, and in the end of 2018 and in a spirit of partnership, Manvia guaranteed this activity in eight of the eleven companies of the Group, always taking into consideration the guarantee of the best profitability in all interventions.

In January 2019, after two years of negotiations, a framework contract for the provision of maintenance services to motor-generators was signed, that includes performance indicators and related penalties, as well as execution of baseline audits to analyse the condition and operation of motor-generators covered by the agreement.

During these two years of partnership, Manvia also suggested some changes in the facilities in order to benefit the equipment’s service life. Amarsul, in Palmela gave a positive response to the challenge advancing in first place.

Therefore, Manvia’s Energy and Engineering Department assisted in the design of a biogas drier system for motor-generator using the existing equipment in that facility of Amarsul, and with a significant decrease in the cost of the initial project and increased quality of biogas as fuel.

Manvia’s workshop in Alverca also participated in this project, building a stainless steel condensate tank as well as the installation of all fittings for piping and equipment supports.