Manvia guarantees Inventory of Assets in Águas do Norte

Following the inventory of assets in 748 facilities in provision and sanitation infrastructures of Águas do Vale do Tejo, of the Grupo Águas de Portugal, Manvia is making the same provision at Águas do Norte in a total of 1861 facilities, from Dams, Catchments, WWTP, Provision Pumping Stations, Reservoirs, delivery locations, Waste water treatment plants and pumping stations.

The geographic area covered by this provision goes from Vila Nova de Foz Côa, in the border between Trás-os-Montes and Beira Alta, and Melgaço (Portugal’s northernmost town in the boarder with Galicia).

For the Inventory of Assets of Águas do Norte, Manvia counts on the experience of multidisciplinary technicians that undertake the identification, tagging and georeferencing of assets on the ground.

The final goal of the assets’ inventory work is the creation of a database where it is possible to see the assets’ identification, location and characterization in each facility, knowing the existing equipment per facility or those common between facilities, allowing to control the existing equipment, respective service levels, optimize maintenances and costs of spare parts stocks.

The companies are legally bound to have an updated list of property/assets, which allows to make amortizations, reassess the value of equipment following large interventions, and support the decision to eliminate assets, plan future investment and calculate production costs.