Manvia guarantees maintenance of more two hotels of the PortoBay Group

Following the Hotel PortoBay Liberdade and Hotel PortoBay Marquês, in Lisbon, Manvia sees its portfolios grow in the hotel business with the provision of maintenance services, of HVAC and sanitary hot water in the facilities of Hotel PortoBay Teatro and Porto Bay Flores, that opened in Oporto in 2019.

These two hotels are the most recent acquisition of the PortoBay Group responsible for managing 15 hotel units: in Portugal (7 in Madeira island ,1 in Algarve, 2 in Lisbon, 2 in Porto) and 3 units in Brazil (Rio de Janeiro, Búzios and São Paulo) with approximately 3200 beds in the segments 4 and 5 stars.

The 1-year contract includes the periodic preventive maintenance of the equipment to avoid its deterioration, increasing the facilities’ level of confidence and safety, expanding its useful lifetime with the least operative cost and investment, guaranteeing a level of permanent environmental comfort.

The hotel equipment is particularly sensitive in terms of comfort conditions management, and the purpose is for the guests to have an experience as pleasant as possible. In this context, these contracts are always challenging for Manvia, that seeks on a permanent basis the total satisfaction of its clients.