Manvia has completed full refurbishment of six apartments of the SSGNR

By 21 April, 2020 No Comments

Manvia has concluded the refurbishment of six apartments owned by the social services of the Guarda Nacional Republicana (SSGNR) and the difference is significant.

The contract awarded by public tender intended the full refurbishment of the apartments, two in Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia, and four in the Lisbon area, with over 30 years and without major interventions, thus presenting an evident state of superficial degradation.

With a social nature, these apartments are used to house beneficiaries of the SGNR, founded in 1959, and its mission is to improve the quality of life of its users, by accessing a set of aids.

This contract, in the field of rehabilitation in the Building area, was mostly based on the repair of elements that already existed in the main building, and comprised demolition works, civil construction – gypsum board, painting, electrical facilities and plumbing, HVAC and ventilation, frames, carpentry, pavement and wall coating, as well as miscellaneous works.
The purpose of this project was to refurbish in order to improve its housing conditions, as well as find the best solutions in the choice of materials, with more durability and resistance, in a solution of better maintenance and conservation economy and that was clearly achieved.