Manvia in the Energy Certification of Alegro Castelo Branco e Montijo

By 8 January, 2020 No Comments

Manvia is the company responsible for the energy certification and audit of the Alegro Castelo Branco and Alegro Montijo shopping centres, for Ceetrus.

The main goals of executing the energy audit is the characterization of the energy consumptions, in the detailed breakdown by uses and respective most influential consumers and in the identification of energy improvement measures in both buildings.

The service provision carried out by the Energy and Engineering Department includes the audit’s planning and preparation, the audit to the installation, breakdown of various forms of energy and by type or use, the calculation for energy indicators and calculation of energy rationalization measures, culminating in the Audit report.

The analysis of a building’s energy efficiency allows to evaluate the decrease potential of consumption, through an efficient management and rational use of energy. The optimization of energy and financial resources, besides the evident advantages for the environment, contributes to the users’ comfort and values in a very positive way the undertaking.

Acknowledging, from very early on these evident advantages, Manvia focus on the acquisition of equipment and technical tools that speed up and value the performance of their experts.