Manvia invited in pitching session of Portuguese Railway Summit

By 31 January, 2020 No Comments

The “Portuguese Railway Summit” is the annual meeting of the Portuguese Railway Platform Association, of which Mota-Engil is member, which was held by the end of November, in the head office of Infraestruturas de Portugal, in the Campus of Pragal.

Recognized as the “Cluster of the Portuguese Railway Platform”, PFP was established in 2015 with the mission to join all stakeholders from the national railway sector to promote Portugal as an innovative country in the context of railway industry.

Accepting Mota-Engil’s challenge, Manvia was one of the companies invited to participate in the Pitching Sessions with the purpose of presenting itself and talk a little about its activity, namely in the scope of the maintenance contracts in the Metro do Porto and Fertagus.

In a context of great expectation regarding the railway development in the future, key for the country’s development and for the connections to Europe, this meeting was of special importance, allowing the discussion of priorities, as well as sharing new views of innovation and development for the sector and for the entire chain of value.

The event gathered over 200 people from associated companies, partners, great public and private companies, small and medium-sized businesses, entities other than businesses of the research and innovation system and other business and industrial associations, international clusters and funding agencies of national and European level.