Manvia makes lubrication services at Somincor

By 20 September, 2019 No Comments

Manvia will guarantee the application services of surface and mine lubricants to SOMINCOR, Minas de Neves Corvo, as well as, the preventive periodic maintenance of equipment in order to avoid its premature deterioration and expanding its operating lifetime with less operative cost and less investment.

Manvia’s wide and proven experience in this industrial field since 2014, as well as works previously provided at this facility turns Manvia into the perfect partner that developed processes and procedures that allow the proper execution of lubrication tasks and collect reliable information that allows a critical view on maintenance, lubrication or failure occurrence plans.

Lubrication activities involve oil level checking/inspection, equipment lubrication, oil replacement (changes), oil filling and collections for analysis. These actions contribute to guarantee the highest levels of safety and service continuity in the operation of an industrial unit and reach simultaneously the best performance levels.

This services provision includes, among others, the coper and zinc sorting facilities and tailings facility; equipment connected to ETAN, ETAP, NOVA ETAR, pumping station, TAI, movement of containers and related, as well as miscellaneous equipment that requires lubrication routines; it also includes main extraction equipment (belt conveyor and inherent equipment and Skips loading rooms).

SOMINCOR – Sociedade Mineira de Neves Corvo S.A., was incorporated on the 24th of July 1980, following the discovery in 1977 in Castro Verde, of a deposit of sulfides containing significant amounts of basic metals, mostly coper, tin and zinc.

Following the purchase of Neves-Corvo by Lundin Mining, the management has focused on improving the Mine’s operative performance and exploration of new resources and deposits in the surrounding areas.