Manvia in Bank of Portugal

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Manvia no Banco de Portugal

Manvia started in April the maintenance services provision of the Bank of Portugal facilities, in the head office and Rossio buildings, located in Lisbon at Rua do Comércio and Praça D. Pedro IV, respectively.

The purpose of the three-year contract is to guarantee the regular and sustained provision of services at mechanic and HVAC, electrical with strong and low current facilities, hydraulic facilities, fire pumping stations, gas distribution network, maintenance of hotel equipment and water treatment.

Manvia will ensure non-scheduled and eventual interventions of chillers/heat pumps, air-conditioning units, close control and air treatment (AHU and RTU), floor heating system, booster sets, motorized doors and gates.

Maintenance ancillary systems are also foreseen, including civil construction works, painting, metal working, piping and carpentry/woodworking, facilities disinfestation, prevention and control of Legionella Pneumophila, facility cleaning and maintenance of interior flower boxes.

The Bank of Portugal is responsible for supervising the behavior of credit institutions, finance companies, payment institutions, electronic money institutions and credit intermediaries.

This contract, in parallel with similar provisions for other financial institutions, consolidates Manvia has a reference company in the Facility management market.