Manvia “On the Path of Excellency”

By 7 January, 2019 No Comments

In the scope of the results obtained in the 2017 Index of Excellency, Manvia’s management staff participated in the Workshop – “On the path of Excellency”, developing an interactive dynamics of results analysis and identification of improvement actions.

This session is aimed at identifying the priority performance areas, involving the different organization divisions in the definition of improvement actions, sharing results and involving all managers in the process of analysis and identification of development practices, ensuring that Manvia has various “change agents”, strategically positioned across the structure.

Among others, subjects such as Talent Management, Personal and Professional Life, Remunerations, Information and Communication and Performance evaluation were analyzed.

“It is extremely important to make and internal analysis and verify the behavior of the company’s various sectors in order to find solutions to improve our practices, so that tomorrow we are stronger than today”, said Pedro Vieira Neves, highlighting the good work and motivation conditions, with arguments to provide a service of excellency to the clients.

Manvia’s human resources are its main asset and it’s the well-being of its approximately 600 employees that contribute to Manvia’s success and growth”, the director said.