Manvia promotes “Sustainable Habitat”

Manvia is one of the associates to the Cluster “Centre Habitat: Sustainable Habitat” recognized as a competition Cluster, with large coverage that goes from extraction sector, to the transformation of construction materials, and construction and rehabilitation and other activities such as goods and equipment providers for the habitat.

Focusing on the innovation oriented towards concepts and sustainable construction practice, this cluster adopted the subject of sustainability as dynamic factor and cross-sectional for its strategic development, to contribute to a “Sustainable Habitat”.

The Cluster entities intend to create synergies in order to develop new products, technologies and construction systems and a new practice of space and surrounding area design, inducing an innovation attitude through the sustainability of the built environment which is intended to be generator of factors of added competition.

Manvia wishes to give a significant contribution, entering in the final construction sector, and add the perspective of the assets’ life cycle: including management, exploration and maintenance of buildings and facilities, in a sustainable manner and guaranteeing the assets’ longevity increase with full operability.