Manvia promotes the second edition of training on motor-generators

By 20 April, 2020 No Comments

In the scope of the contract for the general maintenance of motor-generators that Manvia’s Industry Department has signed with various companies from the EGF Group, the second edition of a workshop on motor-generators was organized, aimed at operators and maintenance technicians of the Biogas Cogeneration Plants.

The course “Basic knowledge on gas engines technology” was held at Manvia’s facilities in Linda-a-Velha, and was given by MWM’s experts, a multinational company with a great know-how in this area.

The goal was to provide the foundations of the required technical knowledge on gas motor-generators to enable the facilities technicians (operators) to make an early diagnosis of malfunctions and avoiding critical glitches and being able to act in small malfunctions through phone support with Manvia technicians, decreasing if possible, the equipment downtimes.

To decrease the loss of productivity times and obtain a better performance in energy production, it was possible to share information and knowledge on History and gas engine process, engine design and basic operation, MWM gas engines and oil analysis.

In addition to this information, the participants had the opportunity to watch a presentation by Galp on Lubricants which included issues such as cogeneration basics, engines and fuels, range of lubricants, preventive maintenance, service follow-up, and most frequent anomalies.

Luis Alves Martins, director of the Industry Department, made a very positive balance of this training, believing that the colleagues may better understand the engine operation and main causes contributing to detonations.

“The operators’ daily work, in engine regulation to avoid detonations in the engine cylinders is a key factor to guarantee correct operation of the engine, expanding its useful lifetime and avoiding critical malfunctions that end up causing production losses and significant increments in maintenance costs.”