Manvia qualifies Voltage electric work (TET/BT)

By 18 March, 2019 No Comments

Manvia, in the scope of conditioned maintenance services, develops maintenance works of infrastructure and electrical facilities, carried out in voltage – low voltage.

These works are carried out in line with legislation in force and with Manvia’s in-house work methodology for the activity (MT.55 that describes procedures, qualifications and specific and mandatory equipment).

Manvia has implemented a qualification and authorization scheme for employees that may execute those works, and these works can only be executed by authorized employees, duly equipped and complying with established procedures.

These procedures are extensive to works carried out in the public lighting network, also developed by Manvia technicians duly licensed for this purpose.

The goal is, therefore, to diversify the services offer and support its clients implementing new solutions of operative improvement in conducting and maintaining facilities.