Manvia renews contract with Serralves Foundation

Manvia renewed the provision of services maintained since 2012, with the Serralves Foundation, and which includes the Technician Responsible for the Operation of the Transformation Station (PT), Cleaning and Maintenance of PT / QGBT and Thermography to the set of electrical panels.

In addition to ensuring technical responsibility for the operation of low voltage electrical installations, the objective is to maintain the Transformation Station (PT), out of voltage, comprising visual inspection, tightening checking, measurement of ground resistances, measurement of the isolating the transformer resistance and connecting cables to the QGBT (General Low Voltage Board) and cleaning the installations.

Thus, Manvia presents a service framed with the specific needs of the Serralves Foundation, with guarantees of excellence and quality, which is always proposed, and which the Client requires.

The Transformation Stations and the electrical panels must be subject to preventive maintenance with the frequency required by the operating characteristics, with a minimum period of one year, according to the legal provisions. These good practices guarantee the best conditions for operating the facilities and the safety of its users.

The Serralves Foundation is an international cultural institution serving the national community, whose mission is to stimulate the interest and knowledge of audiences of different origins and ages for Contemporary Art, Architecture, Landscape and themes critical to society and its future, doing so in an integrated way, based on an exceptional heritage set, in which the Museum of Contemporary Art, the House, the Park and the Casa do Cinema Manoel de Oliveira stand out.