PRIO Supply awards LPG filling to Manvia

By 20 December, 2018 No Comments

Manvia has a new contract in the LPG filling facilities of Prio Supply, located at the port of Aveiro.

The service provided is reception, filling and expedition of G22 and G110 gas bottles, made through a filling line of G22 bottles, with six automated filling heads and three manual filling heads of G110 bottles.

The employees have to transport the bottles with forklifts to the start of the filling line, verify and select the bottles in proper safety and cleaning conditions, and afterwards the automatic filling process begins. In the end, the existence of leakages is verified, placing a seal in the complying bottles.

This activity requires, besides very specialized technical knowledge, special safety measures due to ATEX environment, i.e., explosive atmospheres. Therefore, the technicians had a training action on compliance of Prio’s internal safety standards.
The monthly production is in average 35,000 G22 bottles and 6,600 G110 bottles.

This is a contract outside the usual parameters in the company, reflection of the vitality and constant search for new challenges that characterize Manvia.