Quality, Environment and Safety: how Manvia operates in Neves Corvo mines (Somincor)

In Manvia, health and safety of all stakeholders, is a strategic vector of the organization and the various work environments where it operates make up the activity’s different hazards and risk level.

The presence and regular follow-up, by Quality, Environment and Security technicians, with teams and clients in service provision location, is key for the development of conditions suited to risk prevention and minimization.

As example of the diversity of contexts that characterize Manvia’s operation, the presence in SOMINCOR stands out, mining company that produces copper, zinc and lead concentrated.
Here, with a team of ten resident lubricators, Manvia guarantees the lubricant application services, in the surface and in the bottom of the Mine, as well as periodic preventive maintenance of equipment, in order to avoid its premature deterioration and expand its useful life time.

Considering the features of this type of facility, the access to the mine’ bottom is preceded by a set of strict safety procedures, such as security induction, collection at the control station of emergency mask and miner flashlight and placement of the miner’s card in the presence board at the bottom of the mine, to allow the identification and account, at any moment, of all employees in the bottom of the mine.

The mine has a complex ventilation system comprised by fresh air shafts that guarantee the ventilation and allows the evacuation in case of emergency.

The access is made by a Pick-up 4×4 vehicle, through a ramp from the surface. The mine has 1000 m depth throughout 200 km of tunnels. The main equipment subject to lubrication have as main central point the two crushing areas, integrated in a set of main extraction equipment.

The most significant occupational hazards in the bottom of the mine arise from exposure to dust and particles, moving components and noise. Also fall of objects, fall of employees due to ground irregularities, insufficient light in certain locations and circulation of machines and vehicles in the same space, comprise hazard factors.

Thus, and to prevent risk, during the lubrication works it is required to guarantee the consignment of equipment, filling of work permits and guarantee the risk analysis, always reporting to the work area supervisor.

Among the support means of the activity, besides the mandatory use of work clothes, dust mask, protection glasses, chemical and mechanical protection gloves, emergency mask, miners flashlight and rubber boots, Manvia support vehicle is key to support the activity at the bottom of the mine, having a 4×4 system and properly equipped with crane to help moving cargo, sign lights in the roof and a set of two harnesses.

This is a very specific maintenance activity, developed in a unique environment and that in the current context of COVID-19 pandemic, the work developed by technicians on the ground is crucial to guarantee the commitment before the client and guarantee the chain of value.