Rehabilitation of sewage system in Ecuador

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Reabilitação do sistema de esgotos no equador

Manvia Condutas in partnership with German company Ludwig Pfeiffer GmbH, is executing the project “Rehabilitación del Alcantarilllado Sanitario Cuenca La Chala” in the city of Guayaquil in Ecuador.

This project, funded by the World Bank, is one of the largest NO DIG projects worldwide and includes cleaning works and CCTV inspection of 450 km of pipes with diameters between 150 mm and 800 mm; rehabilitation by continuous jacketed with PRFV sleeve and UV curing system (CIPP) with 40 km of pipes with diameters between 150 mm and 200 mm and rehabilitation of approximately 400 manholes applying special mortars.

The contract is located near Guayas in Cuenca de La Chala, a residential neighbourhood in Guayaquil, Ecuador’s second city,
The main pathology to repair in the sanitation network is the high level of pipe infiltrations that associated with the groundwater level and the huge influence of the tidal effect makes the project highly complex.

The purpose of this project is to decrease the referred infiltrations in order to guarantee that in future the waste water treatment plant may have the capacity to properly treat the affluent sewage flows.

Manvia Condutas has the project’s technical leadership for which a series of technicians specialized in NO DIG technologies, leading the various work fronts, have been mobilized.