Manvia’s Technical Seminar approaches analysers for new industry challenges

By 21 March, 2018 No Comments

Seminário Técnico aborda analisadores para os novos desafios da indústria

Manvia has developed a Technical Seminar, guided towards the industry, with the purpose of presenting, especially, the services the company develops in Gijon, in Manvia Spain, in the area of integrated industrial services provision, with focus on Engineering and Analyzers Systems.

Manvia’s director started the session outlining the company’s general panorama and emphasizing the potential of this area and its framework in Industry.

“The new challenges for the Industry lead us towards the most recent technological development and problem differentiating approaches, researching and designing modular and virtualized solutions”, said Pedro Vieira Neves.

As such, the Process Analyzers present themselves as collection, transport and data processing methods, enabling to anticipate failures, adjust production to new scenarios and integrate variables in the production process, which in turn leads to an efficiency, performance and safety levels increase, which are very important subjects for the Industry, in light of the current environmental demands.

The Seminar “Analytical Solutions – Analyzers for the Industry’s new challenges”, was held at the Oriente Museum, in Lisbon and was attended by customers and potential customers.

Besides this subject matter there was also time to approach “The ambiguities and evolution of Outsourcing in Industrial Maintenance”, Operation and Maintenance of WWTP – Challenges and Opportunities” and Industry 4.0 – Reality, Challenges and Maintenance Opportunities.