Disclosure session on “Work accidents: Lets prevent together”

With the purpose of transmitting information and raising awareness to prevent work accidents and professional diseases through a safety culture, Manvia has promoted accident disclosure sessions. Under the theme “Work Accidents: Lets prevent together”, and promoted by the Quality, Environment and Safety Department, the first session was attended by the Director Pedro Vieira Neves, who praised this initiative and emphasized that the safety and well-being of the work place is a priority for Manvia.

“We wish to improve and therefore, we must be attentive and concerned in establishing targets and procedures increasingly strict to avoid or decrease accidents”, emphasized Pedro Vieira Neves, highlighting the importance of investment in prevention, “in order to decrease accidents and contributing to the well-being of everyone, on a personal, family and business level.”

Ana Anselmo, from the Quality, Environment and Safety Department highlighted some Accident and Trends indicators, showing that this is a recurring theme in Portugal.

According with data made available by the Authority for Work Conditions, since 2015 accidents have worsened, especially regarding deadly and serious accidents in 2018.

In Manvia, the indicators remained stable, with a slight improvement in 2018 when compared with the previous three years: 60% of the accidents were caused by space conditions, accesses and work or passage conditions (21%), task type and organization (19%), behavior/attitude (10%) and work environment (10%).

The first session was attended by Isabel Serra, Atlanticare occupational physician that presented the framing of occupational diseases, with a special focus on muscular-skeletal disorders.

Concerned with this reality, and well underlined the need to continue actively working this subject, Manvia is focusing on various awareness-raising actions, namely through QES visits with in situ trainings and facilities characterization sheets, occupational medicine periodic sessions, Program 360@Manvia, Campaign Manuel Via, Evaluations of work environment, more involvement and participation of employees, Health promotion, disclosure of accident information, review of work methodologies and development WA Cost calculator.