Technical Audits Software expedites processes and promotes information transparency

By 18 October, 2019 No Comments

With the need to expedite and simplify processes, speed up and promote information transparency, Manvia has at its disposal a Technical Audits Software.

The maintenance area requires the compliance of a set of activities and legal obligations and with the purpose of verifying the compliance of all those obligations, Manvia has implemented a Technical Audit program.

They are divided by areas of expertise and made by engineers (mechanical, electrotechnical, electronics and civil), belonging to different departments in order to guarantee the assessment’s suitability. From this assessment arises a technical report made available to the client.

The project has contributed to the Organization the three fundamental areas:
1. Credibility – Cement the credibility already held by Manvia with the customer since audits arise from internal initiative and customer knows exactly the conditions its facilities are;

2. Efficiency – Audits allow maintenance teams to correct and improve work methods by optimizing them. Audits also allow management to verify where inefficiencies can be found, and design training plans adjusted to each team.

3. Sharing – with in-house auditors it is possible to overcome procedural formalities, facilitating the exchange of experiences between peers and proactivity, since audits, besides alerting to improvement points, also have a pedagogical side for those audited;

It allows auditors a wider knowledge of the various types of facilities, making them technically more robust.

The implementation of this software has eased the way auditors work, allowing to close an audit on the same day, with automatic issue of the report; promotes transparency throughout the whole process; increases the number of audited contracts; increases the number of annual audits which have tripled, given rise to a 10% improvement in customer satisfaction assessment.