Training to support the gradual resume of Manvia’s activity

In June, the majority of companies resume their activity and Manvia is no exception, with new guidelines and actions to support the reopening, having in mind a set of complementary measures to prevent and mitigate the risk of contamination by COVID-19.

In this sense, the campaign – THE HEALTH OF EACH ONE OF US IS THE SAFETY OF EVERYONE – is still underway, focused on making all employees aware of the importance of the preventive measures COVID-19, namely the use of the means of protection and hygiene made available to teams and rules for the use of spaces and work organization.
Within the scope of this campaign and still in line with Manvia’s deconfinition plan, 84 training sessions and a total of over 320 hours of training have been carried out to date.

To minimize contagion, these sessions have been held in a mixed format, face-to-face and just a click away, seeking to reach all employees.

With collective involvement and participation, the sessions promoted by the Quality, Environment and Safety Department focus on a set of essential topics, in the current context, which are intended to help clarify and inform, so that the return to the workplace is carried out with responsibility and consciously.