Transports, Mobility and Logistic – Dynamics for Innovation

In the scope of the cycle of events “Dynamics for the Innovation”, Manvia and Vibeiras have participated in the meeting intended for the dynamization of the national network of technological infrastructure and promotion of open innovation methodologies, that has as focus the theme of transports, mobility and logistics.

Promoted by the National Innovation Agency (ANI), these are a set of initiatives on the valorization of knowledge, subordinated to areas and strategic sectors of the national economy considered a priority, towards intelligent specialization.

Manvia and Vibeiras have followed-up and established contacts with ANI, that promotes and establishes contacts between national and international companies focused on market dynamics and opportunities framed in the companies’ activities.

In this session held in the Sines logistic and industrial area it was possible to get to know projects supported in the scope of Portugal 2020 for this area and themes were approached such as: commercial exchanges in the national economy, importance of intelligence mobility and challenges posed to the urban mobility, importance of integration of information technologies in operation of large logistic infrastructures, highlighting the 5 G power in the sustainable mobility.

Vibeiras and Manvia have integrated the innovation group regarding the new means of sustainable and safe transportation, giving its perspective of the challenges that service providing companies face, by adopting these new means of transportation since the electrical vehicles still can’t give a full response, both in terms of costs and autonomy, with the difficulty in more remote areas to access charging stations.