Web seminar on “Accidents in the Workplace: Let Us Prevent Together”

The web seminar “Accidents in the Workplace: Let us Prevent Together” was held on 28 April, geared to sharing data and trends within the scope of the operations conducted by Manvia and Vibeiras and to raise awareness towards greater participation in the promotion of health and safety at work.

Organised by the Knowledge Management Department (DGC by its acronym in Portuguese), the event attracted 122 participants and enjoyed the presence of director Pedro Vieira Neves, who praised the initiative and stressed the importance of health and safety at work as priority areas for Manvia and Vibeiras.

“We need to keep this topic in mind in our day-to-day lives, every day. We are obliged to take care of our employees and each and every one of us is required to act safely. A culture of prevention will only be effective if everyone participates. In order to minimise accidents at work, we all need to be focused on the accident reduction goals and the alignment of procedures. Moreover, we need to place increasing importance on the identification and elimination of the risk factors inherent to unsafe activity and dangerous conditions. This is the only way we will be able to prevent accidents from occurring in the workplace and employees from injuring themselves”.

The web seminar included the presentation of the 2021 Campaign: For a more sustainable future. This campaign consists of three strategic axes: the Promotion of Safe and Healthy Working Conditions, which was the scope of this initiative, the Minimisation of Environmental Footprints and the Promotion of Proximity to Clients.

An analysis of accident and trend indicators was conducted both at Manvia and Vibeiras, and case studies related to work accidents registered in 2020 were presented.

Isabel Serra, the Atlanticare Occupational Physician, also attended the seminar, and presented global data on the general health status of the working population, outlined occupational diseases and answered questions related to the issue of disabilities and the follow-up of injuries arising from accidents in the workplace, with a particular focus on skeletal muscle injuries (SMI).

Fully aware of this reality and the need to continue to actively work on this issue, Manvia and Vibeiras continue to be increasingly focused and committed to raising the awareness of employees in relation to the adoption of safe behaviour and the reporting of dangerous conditions and unsafe activity.

Furthermore, and in response to the global data on the health status of the working population and the predominance of SMI, this year will see the continuation of initiatives geared to the promotion of health, focused on the implementation of the campaigns for healthy living habits and the prevention of SMI, among others.